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Solar Panel Installation Brisbane

Solar Panel Installation Brisbane: With the advancement of technologies, power consumption is increasing day by day and there are more people who are switching to different sources.

The low cost of solar energy has made it one of the most popular alternatives for producing one’s own energy. If you are also considering installing your own solar panel installation in Brisbane, Queensland, Rockhampton, Gold Coast or anywhere in Australia then there are a couple of things you should know before making the investment.

1.    Identifying the need for the right technology

Solar panels

There are different types of solar technologies are out there, you have to identify what exactly are you looking for. Like Solar Thermals can only heat your water, on the other hand, you have photovoltaic, it will produce electricity itself.


If you have considered solar panel installation in Queensland then you probably already know that it is not only about having the solar panels but it includes inverters as well. It converts DC to AC for wider use of the produced energy.

String inverters are the most common inverter used in Solar panel installation in Brisbane. The reason being it is very cost effective and converts all of the DC to AC; however, it has its limitation. As this converts all of the DC all the panels are connected in series connection. So if one of your panels is not performing well then it will limit the whole setup. For example, if one of the panels is in shades, the whole setup will be underperforming.

2.    Know your energy usage

A good solar installer in Queensland will surely help you measure your energy use. Your usage will help you decide how much energy you want to produce using Solar panels.

To get a clear idea of how much do you require energy, the easiest way could be to look at your past utility bills.

3.    Check benefits

Many countries including Australia, provide special incentives and benefits to those who are looking to install solar panels. So if you are looking to get solar panel installation in Brisbane, you will surely get additional benefits of installing it.

The reason behind it is very simple and logical, the Australian government wants electricity generated from Photovoltaics should compete with traditional methods of energy production. These incentives come in two different forms, one is where you get the partial refund on the cost of installing the solar panels and the other is where they purchase the energy produced by your solar panels.

4.    Choosing the right position

Rather than selecting the type of solar panels selecting the right place for solar panel installation in Brisbane is way more important.

As Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere, it is advisable for solar panel installers in Queensland and Australia to place the panels on a north facing roof.

Then again at what time you will require more energy can also be a deciding factor. As if you have more power consumption during the evening, then West facing installation is advisable; however, if you need more energy during the morning, then East facing installation is recommended. That being said, you must know that West or East facing panels will generate less energy overall during the day.

5.    Do you need a batter

It should be noted that at the time when most electricity is generated, doesn’t normally coincide with the time when the most electricity is consumed. Most power generation is in the middle of the day while consumption is generally after the sunset.

Therefore, it is both a logical and financially sensible decision to store the energy during the day with a battery, that can be used in the evening.

6.    Contacting the right installers

Now that you are well informed on the above mentioned topics, you understand how important it is to choose the right installers for your solar panel installation in Brisbane or anywhere in Australia. A reputable solar panel installer in Queensland will inspect and share details on the following list:

  • Inspect your specific requirements.
  • Give you a proper idea of the technology and installation that you need for maximum output.
  • They will get all the required paperwork and permits for you.
  • Complete the installation process.
  • Make sure that all the connections are made properly. Solar panel installation should only be done by certified professionals for safety purposes and to get the maximum output from your solar panels. And you must choose one with the reputation for delivering the best work to even exceed your expectation. This is where Sun Feeds Solar comes into the picture. We are working in Australia for years. We have more happy customers with us than anyone else. Our professional solar panel installers in Queensland alone have one of the most experienced teams with all the right tools and equipment. Installing Solar Panels for your home or business can help you reduce the carbon footprint and save extra dollars along the way.

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