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Solar panels are the most crucial part when it comes to the solar system. Solar panels are the equipment that absorbs sunlight and starts converting it into electricity. Sunfeeds Solar is one of the most recognized names in Australia especially when it comes to solar panel installation in Brisbane. Additionally, they are the top solar panel installers in Queensland for both residential and commercial solar systems. Electricity generated using solar panels, in general, can be used to run everything from your home, business to your car as well. 

Here is the list of 6 things about solar panels you must know according to our solar panel installers in Queensland:

  1. Investing in solar panel installation in Queensland and Brisbane is a great idea:

The solar system is now available at the cheapest price ever. If you are considering investing your funds in stocks and bonds, then investing in solar panel installation in Brisbane or Queensland is much more rewarding considering that return of investment is way higher in the solar system if you are hiring experienced solar panel installers in Brisbane,Queensland. 

  1. Regardless of your investment budget, the solar system will help you save:

Everyone who can afford to pay their electric bill can most certainly afford to get solar panel installation in Brisbane. As mentioned above, solar systems are right now at the most affordable price available thanks to the huge shift in Australia towards renewable energy sources. Additionally, most of the solar panel installers in Queensland, Brisbane and even in Australia have come up with different EMI options to make sure that everyone can easily afford them. 

  1. A good quality solar panel can easily provide electricity for over 30 years:

A really good quality solar panel’s life expectancy is over 30 years. So once you get these solar panels installed on your property you don’t have to worry about the electric bills for 30 years or so. In fact, most of the solar panels in Australia come with 25 years of warranty. And it only takes 4 to 6 years to break even on investment depending on the number of solar panels you have installed or your electricity usage. 

  1. Solar panels practically require zero maintenance:

Solar panels have to be installed on the roof where they have to face speedy wind, snowfall, rain, dust and sometimes some birds as well. Considering the harsh environment that they have to face during their lifetime, they are created incredibly durable so that they can survive these harsh conditions. And with the advancement of modern technology, new high-quality solar panels come with auto cleaning features as well. 

As mentioned above, solar panels have to face really harsh conditions. To prepare them to withstand it, it is made using special tempered glass. In fact, solar panels can even protect your roof from daily wear and effectively increase the life of your roof.

  1.  Forget about electricity bills:

Proper planning and calculating are required for solar panel installation in Brisbane. And a well-executed plan with the help of qualified installers can help you generate enough electricity to cover all of your household needs. There would be no requirement to get additional electricity for your daily use from the actual power grid. Of course, there is a number of factors that may affect the results. Such as, if you have installed enough solar panels or you even have enough space to install the right number of panels. 

  1. A well designed solar system does not require batteries:

It is obvious that even after solar panel installation on your roof for your home or any other property, you will still stay connected with the power grid. There will be times when your solar panels will generate more electricity than your requirement and that electricity will be sent to the power grid. In return, you will receive credit on your electric bill. For instance, when your solar system didn’t produce sufficient electricity for your usage, in that case, you will automatically start drawing power from the grid. And you will be charged for that; however, your credit on the electricity bill will be enough to cover your entire monthly electric bill. This means you are not wasting any money nor any electricity once your solar panels are installed. 

These are the 6 points that you should be aware of before making any investment for solar panel installation in Brisbane, Queensland or anywhere in the world. Sunfeeds Solar is one of the most recognized solar panel installers in Queensland and they can help you to install great quality solar panels for you regardless of the type of the property at the most competitive prices. 

What to know before installing solar panels?

Does your roof need repairs?
What is the shape of your roof?
Which direction do the slopes of your roof face?
How much weight can your roof handle?
Where will the water go?
What about nature’s other surprises?
How do you connect to the grid?

Do solar panels ruin your roof?

Solar panels don’t damage your roof when installed properly
For most homeowners, installing solar panels will not result in roof damage as long as your solar installer is a licensed, qualified professional and your roof is in good condition.

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