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New Phase of Solar Energy

Beat the cost of living using the incredible savings you get by transforming your energy consumption into solar energy by contacting SunFeeds Solar.

A better life begins with solar energy, the energy that protects your family from the increase in electricity prices and earns with the electricity consumption in the network and in reduced emission homes.

Residential Homes across Brisbane transform the sun into a clean energy industry to create and contribute to global climate change. Solar systems for private homes are becoming a hot deal since they represent the future of national electricity production and are seen as an intelligent investment. This also offers environmental advantages in addition to savings.

Our SunFeeds Solar expert consultants offer all the help, support, and best solar solutions needed to cover your energy needs. When it comes to the residential solar systems service, we can install a first-class solar system in your home. Our specialists have many years of experience in the sector and recommend only high-quality products on the market.

Potentially thousands of dollars a year can be spent on electric bills, so we’re supported by different warranties and maximum cost savings for long-term customer satisfaction. This is what makes us the leading companies in the field of solar systems.

Installation of residential solar systems

The installation of a solar system increases the value of your home because the new buyers do not worry about the initial investment. Alternative solar solutions evolve in a way that solar systems are added for your property and not just an intelligent investment, but also an attractive deed that will appreciate your property in the longer term.

Combining a new solar system with the battery can eliminate up to 100% of the electricity bill which is so beneficial! Solar energy installation has never been so convenient and the return on investment is only a few years. The installation of residential solar systems will cut down our basic cost considerably.

Easy to Maintain

Our solar panels require little maintenance and are covered by the best performance that falls under our guarantee which means you have received free solar energy for a longer term.

Cutting down CO2 emissions 

Australia has one of the highest per capita carbon emissions measures in the world. The government is unaware of not implementing renewable energy from 20% renewable sources by 2020. You can have a really bright future by significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

Adding value to your home 

Residential solar systems are a wise decision to get tax breaks and make energy savings. Residential solar is more into demand due to their minimal maintenance and long-term solar system.

Cost efficiency

It is not a secret that the installation of a solar system significantly reduces its energy bills, but the reality is incredible. Some families have declared that they have not paid more than $ 10 of the annual electricity expenses which is amazing!

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