Having a commercial solar system in Brisbane has a list of benefits from being cost effective, practical, reduce environmental footprint and help you reduce the energy cost of the organization. 

For most businesses, the benefits of solar energy can be easily justified on the basis of financial gains; however, for some, it may be the combination of financial, marketing and environmental benefits to determine the investment decision. 

Contact Sunfeeds Solar to get a consultation for a commercial solar system in Brisbane, Golden Coast, Queensland, Rockhampton. We will make sure that we share a personalized ROI for your company, and help you understand all the benefits of installing a commercial solar system into your company. 

Here is a list of benefits of installing a commercial solar system in Brisbane for any business.

Attractive ROI for the commercial solar system:

It is no surprise that the cost of electricity is getting higher and higher with every passing day and on the other hand cost for installing a solar system is getting record low. As a result, commercial solar system installation is on the rise across Australia. 

With Sunfeeds Solar, you will get the most attractive payback of your investment in around 3 to 7 years depending on installation costs, brands and what you are willing to achieve with the project. 

Some of the major factors affecting your ROI are the business’s energy usage, operating patterns and energy contracts. 

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Instant Energy Cost Reduction:

It is not hidden knowledge that the electricity cost is on a constant rise, and just a one-time installation of a commercial solar system in Brisbane can help your business to fulfill all of your electricity requirements. And all this at a fixed, predictable rate that is much lower than getting it from the grid. 

As a result, it surely helps to cut the electricity cost and improve margins and also allows you to plan the monthly budget with better certainty. 

The cost of electricity is surely predicted to keep increasing over the foreseeable future. On the flip side, the commercial solar system in Brisbane uses such solar panels which can be perfectly functional for over 20 years. Solar panels can provide better stability on price for energy than any other energy supply contract. 

The initial cost per kW for solar power is way below compared to starting price of a fixed price contract or even compared to the standard grid rate as well. This makes the commercial solar system an ideal choice not only in Brisbane but in the entire Australia. 

Reduced Carbon Emissions:

Greenhouse gas emission is a huge issue at present, with every new kW solar panel installed it can be reduced by over 2 tonnes per year. This simply means less Carbon Dioxide globally. So you can actually help to heal the planet earth while saving some extra bucks for yourself. 

It will not only help you save the planet and save some greens, you can actually show these numbers on your business website and use them as a promotional corporate strategy. 

Improved Green Star Rating and NABERS:

When you are looking to sell your property, it is a proven fact that properties with higher NABERS ratings can provide significantly higher returns than non-rated properties. Installing a commercial solar system can actually help you improve the ratings of your NABERS. 

SunFeeds solar can actually work with your NABERS assessor to make sure that installing solar makes a fruitful impact on your property’s rating. 

Environmental and Marketing Leverages:

There is no denying the impact that it could make when an organization promotes their green credentials. It could be really powerful and significant for any business and solar energy is a highly measurable and visible commitment to the environment.

The solar system is a great way to make a statement to the staff and the stakeholders alike. Additionally, there are many companies that are now using their green credentials as a tool while responding to bidding for contracts. 

The commercial solar systems can actually be used for assisting with the integration and the benefits of solar power into the company’s communications. This can be done via live solar performance displays in the reception area or it can be set on the company’s website.

Employee Retention:

It may come as a surprise to some, but modern-day citizens are very aware and taking an active part to save the environment. Research has shown that many employees now include their future employer’s green credentials as a part of their career decision-making process. 

The commercial solar system can be seen as a high profile and public commitment to reduce the environmental footprint of your company and this can surely assist you to create an environment that attracts the best top calibrated employees and resources. Sunfeeds Solar can surely assist you to set your first commercial solar system in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Rockhampton and many other cities in Australia.

How much does it cost to install commercial solar panels?

On average, commercial solar panels cost about $251,162 with average prices ranging from $50,211 to $502,113 in the US for 2021. According to EnergySage, “The cost of a solar panel system is usually measured in dollars per watt.

Why is my electric bill so high with solar panels?

Solar electricity self-consumption has increased – mostly due to the heat-pump running during the day – on the regular tariff, but also due to the bigger system offsetting more appliance usage on overcast days. … Of course there is an extra cost to buying a heat pump and a bigger system.

Can a house run on solar power alone?

Owning a house that runs entirely on solar power is most definitely a possibility! With the help of solar panels and solar batteries, making your home a solarpowered property has never been cheaper.

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