7 facts to know before installing a 7.9kW Solar system in Brisbane

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7.9 kW solar system in Brisbane

7.9 kW solar system in Brisbane: There are various capacities and designs of solar systems present in the market today. But which capacity, what size of the solar system will best fit your needs is a must. SunFeeds Solar will make the selection of solar systems very easy and will only let you purchase the solar system which will be best fitted for your property depending upon your need and location.

Recently it has been seen that the 7.9 kW solar system in Brisbane explains how valuable the Solar design is to you. Not only financially but will also help you make the best selection of the solar system as per your solar needs so that you can enjoy your solar system to its fullest.

The design of the 7.9 kW Solar System in Brisbane, initially began with a review of the total energy utilized by the residents in the past along with any change that is going to occur in the consumption of energy in the coming future.

On the basis of various studies, it was calculated and analyzed that 27 solar panels with 9 kW PV solar will be able to meet 100 percent of the annual energy consumption needs which will result in terminating the power bills for the people.

Now if you talk about roof space, then a total of 24 standard sized panels with approximately 65 X 40 each panel would be considered. 88 percent of total household power can be neutralized when choosing this solar array. Also, it will help you save approximately $1,993 of your annual power utilization cost. 

The solar payback will come into an effect in 4.75 years. Along with the huge savings, you will be getting tax credits and certain reward points assured by the government for the people who are purchasing solar systems.

Now if you talk about the efficiency and effectiveness of the 7.9 kW solar system in Brisbane then you should know that to determine the efficiency of your solar system, a monitoring system comes along with the solar system.  You will be able to free;y use the solar monitoring software by linking the solar inverter to the software. 

The solar monitoring software will help you let you know how much solar energy has been generated in total and also about the devices that have been worked in the past. Then it would be easier for you to compare and calculate how much of total energy is generated and how much energy is consumed by you at the end of the month and are these numbers matching to what was promised to you in the original solar proposal.

You also have the benefit to track the effectiveness of your 7.9 kW solar system, by keeping track of your energy bills. So when it seems that your electricity bill is exceptionally high then it indicates that there is some problem with your solar panels.

Sunfeeds solar is one of the renowned solar panel installers in Brisbane which delivers a great quality of solar panels for your house irrespective of the type of property.

Let us talk about the important points that should be kept in mind before installing a 7.9 kW Solar system. Knowing the points you will be convinced that how beneficial it is to install solar panels at your homes and also all your doubts regarding the installation of the 7.9 kW solar system in Brisbane will also be cleared. Below are some facts or points which might concern you.

  1. Be sure and aware of the price charged to you by the retailer for the solar panel:

The price of solar panels varies from retailer to retailer and the pricing depends upon the area, the size, capacity and various other factors. When it comes to money, then you should make note of the energy consumption rate as well. Every country has its associated demand rates of energy consumption along with its unique cost calculation formula. 

It’s calculated that during peak hours the energy consumption is at a higher rate than during the off peak hours. This simply means that the time when you need the electricity the most, the demand rate at that point of time will be the highest which results in more cost at that time. Therefore, installing a 7.9 kW solar system in Brisbane will help you save more money and will assure you a better return on your investment. 

  1. Is it worth investing in solar batteries?

This question might arise in many of your minds: is it worth it to invest in solar batteries? Solar batteries come into the picture and you should opt for them when you are planning to construct a self suppressed home or if grid connectivity is not possible in your property. Also, if you want to be attached to the grid, then you may remain on the grid and you will be obtaining electricity from the grid during night times.

It could also be possible that the solar panel system attached to the grid will help you provide a greater and quicker rate of return on the investment at a lower cost than the system attached with the solar batteries.

  1. Be aware of how much energy is being consumed by your house in a month.

The consumption of power is also dependent upon the number of family members in your family. With the increase in the number of family members, the consumption of power will also increase. But if your family comprises fewer people then you can expect that your grid energy cost will also drop and will remain low.

You can also monitor your daily energy consumption and can even lower your cost more by initiating some simple energy efficient improvements in your homes. Some of the changes involve replacing the incandescent bulbs with LEDs and also replacing old machines like washing machines, fridges, and AC with new energy efficient machines. 

The old machines consume more power compared to the new ones. So you should be aware of how much energy is being used by the devices at your house so as to control unnecessary consumption if anything happens.

These small changes at your home will help you save more and will limit the consumption of power. You can also measure the accurate use and size of your 7.9 kW solar system in Brisbane. Isn’t it worthy and helpful?

  1.  The roof should be facing which side to get the better result?

As the solar panels work and generate electricity using the sunlight so the solar panels should be mounted on your roof’s top in such a manner that receives the maximum amount of sunlight. So it should be facing your roof’s north, northeast or northwest areas. The inclination or the position of the solar panels plays a very crucial role in the performance of the solar panels.

It’s true that the orientation of the solar panels plays an important role in the performance of the solar system but even if you install a 7.9 kW solar system in Brisbane facing east or west or even towards south or southeast, it will definitely generate an ample amount of power that would be enough for your houses. Installing a 7.9 kW solar system with any orientation will give you a satisfactory result only.

  1. How long do solar panels last?

One of the key factors that resist solar panels from rear and tear is that the solar panels do not have any moving parts. A 7.9 kW solar panel in Brisbane would typically last for about 25 to 30 years. It is also estimated that the conversion efficiency lost per year is about 0.5 percent only. 

Just a little care and monitoring would help you to maintain the consistent performance of the solar system. Some of the precautions should be taken like keeping the obstacles away from the solar panels, cleaning the dirt from time to time on a regular basis so that there is no debris accumulated over the solar panels. If all these parameters are kept in mind then your solar system is guaranteed to last for about 30 years.

  1. Are solar panels doing any harm to your roof?

The panels of the 7.9 kW solar system in Brisbane are mounted with the help of peculiar solar mounting kits. These solar mounting kits are available based on your roof styles and structure and it also guarantees that the solar system installed on your roof will do no damage to the existing infrastructure of your roof.

All the concerning points have been kept in mind before designing the panels of the 7.9 kW solar system. So just be rest assured, you will cause no harm to your property and no damage will occur to your roof.

Some of the additional benefits of using the solar mounting kits are that it helps in maintaining the temperature of the room, as the house which is directly under the solar panel installation would be cooler in summers and colder in winters. 

  1. The cost is affected by the type of the roof:

The cost of installation of the 7.9 kW solar system in Brisbane depends upon various factors, but one of the most important factors is the type of roof you have. It would be surprisingly expensive to install the solar system on the terracotta tiles than on simple interlocking tiles roofs.

This price difference is because of the fact that terracotta tiles are much more fragile than simple interlocking tiles so to work on terracotta tiles requires some extra effort and more time is needed to ensure that all the attachments made while installing the solar system on the roof are perfectly sealed.

All the facts mentioned above will help to convince you to install a 7.9 solar system and will prove to be very beneficial. It is a crucial plan and it takes a lot of time as well. Yet, all the time and effort you invest into the overall process of solar installation will be paid back to you in a very short period of time. By knowing the above facts there might not be any reason coming to your mind that you would not be going to install a 7.9 kW solar system at your home.

But before committing to any solar system for purchase, compare all the factors available to you such as service ratings, the credibility of solar system installers, the amount of assistance you are going to receive from the government in the form of tax credits and solar rebates, solutions provided and so on.

After you have noted all the details you have to be aware of where to install the solar panels in your homes and when to install them. So whenever you want to install a 7.9 kW solar system in Brisbane you can definitely contact Sunfeeds Solar. Along with Brisbane, we have services available in other parts of Australia as well like Queensland, Gold Coast, Rockhampton.

To summarize, you should just keep in mind how important it has become today to keep the environment safe and healthier for the future. In this era, where industries and technologies are booming, even a small contribution towards the green earth and following the zero carbon footprint will make a significantly vast difference to the planet.

Installing solar systems at your houses or at your business is one such step towards green earth. Also if you own any company then installing the solar system at your company will prove very fruitful to you and your company will become more successful and will grow to the next level.

Also, don’t just waste your hard earned money on something that contributes to polluting the air and water as indirectly it will become a pain for you. So take a step and contact Sunfeeds for installing a 7.9 kW solar system at your place, being it any residential sector or commercial land. Also, it is a useful asset for you with a guarantee of 30 years.

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