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Getting initiated with a 7.9KW solar system

Our 7.9KW solar power system is one of our most well-liked packages, providing value for your investment. The 7.9KW solar solution is a perfect choice for medium-sized family homes, offices, and commercial operations. Many categories of businesses find that a 7.9KW is the ideal middle ground amid a 6.6KW and 10KW solar power solution.

Sunfeeds Solar is proud to deliver an adequate 7.9KW solar panel system with access to the most superior solar technology in the current business.

SunFeeds Solar includes a custom solar panel option that makes it easy to switch to solar power. 

Australia, Brisbane, Gold Coast’s new 7.9 kW solar energy consults and designs in a way to not only think about money, but also stability and the right choice for the lighting needs of the day which shows how valuable it is.

The SunFeeds Solar will provide excellent solar energy for building this to meet the renewable energy needs of your home. You can experience better technology and Increase the value of your property through us.

Our 7.9 kW solar system is one of the most suitable solar systems for every residence.

Investing in rooftop solutions leads to great savings while protecting the environment. This solution is in demand for a reason!

7.9kW Of Solar Power Out-Put and High efficient solar inverter with online monitoring (Optional) at affordable choice for solar energy in Australia.

To find if a 7.9KW solar panel system is accurate for your residence or commercial office, give us a call on 1300 318 365 or email us at info@sunfeedssolar.com.au for information.

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