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Deciding on a 50KW solar panel system

If you are operating a big warehouse or a commercial office complex, a 50KW solar system is immense to meet the solar energy demands of commercial operations in Australia.

We have access to the most modernized solar technology in the current market, delivering higher conversion efficiency and minimal maintenance at reasonable costs. Our 50KW solar package offers stable and dependable power for all parts of your business, with advanced solar panels in a well-organized configuration and a powerful 50KW solar inverter.

We have built a significant presence and strong reputation as the leading provider of commercial solar solutions across Australia. If you are on a serious search for a ready-to-action price in relation to a 50KW solar panel system, let’s have a conversation. At Sunfeeds Solar, we provide Australia’s lowest-priced commercial solar systems, without any compromise on higher quality solutions.

Solar panels are mounted on the roofs of industrial, educational, and residential buildings. They transform the sun’s light energy into electrical energy by capturing it. It generates a clean, environmentally friendly source of energy that produces no waste or harmful gases.

Throughout the year, all types of 50 kW solar systems produce an average of 6000 units per month. For installation, a 150 square meter area is needed. It’s also enough to run your schools, factories, businesses, hotels, or farms. We can build a 50kW solar system to meet your needs, including any battery backup needed to keep your load running. The cost of a 20 kW solar system is determined by the system’s form or group.

It is a preferred solution for running load during the day directly from the sun in large offices, warehouses, schools, colleges, and government buildings. Per day, a 50 kW system produces 250 units of electricity.

The extra electricity generated by this solar system will directly power your load. When an on-site solar power system produces more energy than your load, solar net metering allows you to feed the excess energy back into the utility grid. This system only works when the main government grid is open, so it won’t work if the main grid is down.

To find if a 50KW solar panel system is accurate for your commercial office, give us a call on 1300 318 365 or email us at info@sunfeedssolar.com.au for more insights.

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