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Going ahead with a 12kW solar system

We have a sturdy status as the leading provider of commercial solar panel systems in Australia. With a 12kW solar power system, we provide you with a beneficial commercial solution to trim down energy costs at affordable pricing. This blend of useful panels and inverters offers sufficient power to meet your commercial operations demands.

At Sunfeeds Solar, our teams have access to the most superior solar technology in the current business, delivering higher conversion efficiencies and minimum maintenance.

It should come as no surprise that the amount of sunlight available where you live has the greatest effect on how much energy your solar panels generate.

In a single moment, a 12-kilowatt solar installation generates 12 kilowatts of electricity (and in perfect conditions).

To put this in perspective, a typical LED light bulb uses about 9 watts, which means that a 12 kW solar system will power over 1,330 LED light bulbs! (Keep in mind that this is a great test condition measurement.) The installation will generate less in real life because wiring, temperature, and equipment efficiency all reduce the overall energy output of solar installations.

Installing a 12-kilowatt (kW) solar energy device on your home will dramatically reduce your monthly costs if you have high electricity bills. You want to make sure you get the best deal for your solar panel installation in order to maximise your long-term solar savings.

Solar systems with a capacity of 12 kWh are very high, which means you’ll need more solar panels than average to generate a significant amount of electricity. This size framework is commonly used for industrial rather than residential applications.  If your energy demand is high, however, this solution will meet your needs while also making your home more environmentally friendly.

To make out if a 12kW solar panel system is an exact solution for your commercial office, give us a call on 1300 318 365 or email us at info@sunfeedssolar.com.au for information.

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