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New Phase of Solar Energy

10kW solar system is one of our most trendy packages, delivering total value for your invested money. The 10kW solar system is a principle preference for larger family houses, commercial offices, and small operational set-ups. Many retail businesses find that a 10kW is the just-right solution for their business solar power system.

Sunfeeds Solar is highly effective in offering the best 10kW solar panel system with access to the most sophisticated solar technology in the in-progress business.

The 10 kW system is suitable for use independently without a power grid in workplaces, industrial shops, and factories. It consists of monocrystalline panels and comes with more than 97% Inverter efficiency and more than 16 percent Module efficiency. 

It is capable of generating 50 kWh/unit during the day and stores 18,000 watts of power to be used during the night or in an emergency.

As the cost of solar remains cheaper, more and more consumers are opting to install larger solar system sizes. 10 kilowatt (kW) solar systems are becoming an increasingly common renewable energy option for large households and small offices.

However, a 10kW solar panel is also a substantial investment, while savings in energy costs from a 10kW solar system differ greatly from state to state, you will almost certainly have a substantially lower power bill.

This is because your savings on energy bills rely on:

  • How much electricity is being generated
  • How high is the cost of electricity
  • The net metering scheme in your country

The typical AUS solar system of 10kW would cost around $18,426 after the federal tax credit.

In general, 10kW solar systems have between 31 and 40 solar panels.

A lot of roof space is needed for 10 kW of solar systems.

The 10kW solar system will generate from 11,000 kWh to 15,000 kWh per year, depending on where you live. This is sufficient to cover the total annual energy consumption of AUS homes of around 10,952 kWh.

You can save anywhere from $1,200 to $2,900 a year with a 10 kW solar panel system, based on where you live and your utility.

To recognize if a 10KW solar panel system will meet your residential or commercial office requirements, call us on 1300 318 365 or email us at info@sunfeedssolar.com.au for more information.

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