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10kW Solar system in Brisbane: Electricity bills have been on a high rise constantly for many years now. Therefore, it is not that surprising to follow the modern trend to switch to renewable energy in order to slash the electricity bill. Then you should think of investing in installing the solar panel system which is an alternative to traditional energy sources for your residents as well as your business.

Now, the first question that you would ask is which solar panel should be the best fit for your resident. And this surely depends on a number of factors, from the daily usage of your electricity to the sunlight that you are getting. When you are living in a place where you get sunlight in abundance then it is easier for you to choose one for yourself.

One of the best options out there is 10,000 watt or 10 kW solar systems in Brisbane would be a great choice for any large residential properties or any smaller commercial properties. Whenever you are planning to make a switch from a traditional energy source to an alternative energy source then you can contact Sunfeeds Solar for installing the best solar system in various areas of Australia like Brisbane, Queensland, Gold Coast, Rockhampton and many more.

Here is the list of reasons why a 10 kW solar system in Brisbane should be your ideal choice:

As it’s a well known fact that the demand for non-traditional sources of energy, one of which is the solar system, is on a constant decrease because of the steady increase in traditional energy prices.

On average, the cost for solar systems was recorded to be approximately $3 per watt, as of January  2018. Before the incentives, which includes the government rebates and the federal rebates, the cost of a 10 kW solar system in Brisbane comes out to be around $30,000. There is a 30 percent deduction due to the federal tax credit, which states that the average spend on solar systems would be around $21,000 depending upon your usage and requirements.

When you are investigating the price and the payment method options for buying the solar system, it would be beneficial for you to know that financing offers can have correlated fees of 10 to 12 percent.

Also if possible, try not to rely on the loan options while making a purchase for the solar systems. It is also seen that in some areas of Australia, people have the option of a lease for purchasing solar systems. This practice has proven advantageous while purchasing solar systems.

Many companies are giving $0 down leases on solar system purchases which means you get the 10 kW solar system fully installed at your property without spending a single penny from your pocket.

When budget is taken into consideration, it has to be kept in mind that a high quality system will definitely have a higher end of the price range as well. When you are planning to purchase the solar system and while the inquiry if you have been quoted a comparatively lower price than what others were offered then do not just go for it instead just give a thought and find out that what is being offered to you and why the price quotes to you is comparatively lower than others.

Never compromise with the quality of the solar systems. Weight up all the benefits that are being presented to you.

  • Roof space required for a 10 kW solar system:

Generally, it has been seen that 66 square feet of the area can be used to generate 1 kW of solar energy which means that for installing the solar panel system of 10 kW, you would require about 66 square feet of roof space.

Depending upon the efficiency of solar panels you are going to choose, a 10 kW solar system consists of 30 to 40 solar panels in total. If the panels are of the highest efficiency then you would require 30 panels and if the panels are having lower efficiency then you would require 40 panels in total. The size of a 10 kW solar system is the best fit for any small business property or any larger residential property.

  • Electricity produced by 10 kW solar system:

When talking about a 10 kW solar system, it was elaborated by the laboratory Standard Test Condition ( STC ) results that this system has the capacity of producing about 10,000 watts of electricity per hour overall. 

Which ultimately seized up to the total average of between 29 and 46 kWh per day. If you are planning to use a 10 kW solar system then it is suggested that your overall energy utilization would be at least 20 kW per day and your electricity bill would be around $800 per month. 

You should opt for the installation of a smaller solar panel if you are estimated to use less electricity per month. So the choice of the solar system would totally depend upon your total consumption of electricity, the area present and also your budget.

  • Getting most out of the 10 kW solar system: 

During the peak daylight hours, you should be investing your time to increase the energy essential pursuits. This will definitely help you to maximize your return rate on the investment. So you should keep on scheduling your daily habits and daily activity according to it. 

The activity should be planned and processed by keeping in mind that the topmost priority should be given to those items of your house which have the ability to pull the maximum amount of energy. Prioritizing the sun fuel sources of your house would be the first and foremost thing to plan. These all activities should be planned in advance so that you can get the most out of your 10 kW solar system.

  • Knowing whether your roof is fit for a solar system or not: 

Before investing in the solar system for your property you have to find out how much heat your roof receives and the design of your roof in order to make it the best investment for your property. You have to consider all the aspects thinking about the geographical factors as well as thinking about the environmental factors as well. 

You have to check that there is no element blocking the sunlight. Various elements like trees, roof dormers and other neighbouring buildings often serve as a blocking element to your new energy source. So before installing a 10 kW solar system, view all the barriers beforehand.

The direction of your roof also plays a great role in receiving the appropriate amount of sunlight on your panels. If your roof has a southern orientation then the solar system will best flourish on your roofs. This happens as the sun travels from east to west following the pattern it follows in the southern part of the sky. 

Before evaluating the installation of solar panels this has to be kept in mind and you have to seize the most possible amount of direct sun rays, and this can be best attained when your roof is consummate by properly tilted panels. These things have to be kept in mind at the time of installation. 

You can contact Sunfeeds Solar, for installing a Solar system at your property. We help you install the solar system in Brisbane, Queensland, Gold Coast, Rockhampton and various other parts of Australia as well. We will help you to finalize and let you know whether your roof is fit enough for installing a 10 kW solar system.

  • Maintenance required by 10 kW solar system: 

Solar panels are designed such that it requires minimal monitoring and some routine maintenance. This will include some basic monitoring like removing the assembled debris and dirt. This can be achieved easily using the garden hose every early morning and late evening. 

Also, one thing should be kept in mind that you should never use very cold water for cleaning and removing dirt as this might lead to cracks in the panels. So always opt for either normal water or warm water for cleaning the debris and dirt from the solar panels. 

There are various automated cleaners options available in the market for simple cleaning as well, you can opt for them when looking for automation and easy cleaning.

  • Benefits you will be getting from a 10 kW solar system: 

On installing a 10 kW solar system, you would be getting a lot of benefits associated with it. You will see an immense fall in your electricity bill immediately. You might be able to save approximately $300 a month on your electricity bill but this amount may vary depending upon your usage and the exposure to the sun. 

  • 10 kW solar system impact on your home values: 

Installing solar panels at your property is truly an add on an asset to your property. At the time of selling your property, the value of your property will tremendously increase because of the new solar system installed. An average increase of about $15,000 to $20,000 more than the usual price of the traditionally powered property can be seen. 

Now according to the calculations made you will see that, if you are going to spend $20,000 for installing the 10 kW solar system and then when you sell the property in future after a year, you will see a breakthrough even when you combine this $15,000 with your yearly savings. 

This goes for both Residential property as well commercial property as well. Industrial people are adapting this brilliant technique which will benefit their business as well as when switching to the solar system,  industries will not emit any harmful gases which will help to contribute to safe and clean earth. Despite the fact that they will be saving a lot after switching to solar panels, their business will also get recognition.

  • Tax breakout for 10 kW solar system: 

The government has announced tax credits and rebates for those who install 10 kW solar systems in Brisbane. These credits and rewards vary area wise, so when planning to purchase research what incentives are available for your area. Be assiduous in getting the right product along with labour installation receipts for each and everything. 

Keep your documents always with yourself even after you have applied for the credits. As these might provide some more opportunities at the end of the tax session. The percentage of credit is degrading year after year and might not be available after 2021. 

People in Australia are switching over to Solar panels, leaving the traditional source of energy far behind. According to the calculation, it is seen that approx 30 percent of the homes in Australia are covered with solar panels and in the coming year this number might get doubled as this concept is highly adopted by the citizens over Australia and spending fastly.

So after listening to all the perks and benefits, you will be getting along with the huge savings you will be earning by installing a 10 kW solar system in Brisbane, you might have felt like switching to a new solar system. Also, it is the fact that the traditional energy sources are causing water pollution, air pollution as well as contributing to global warming. Thereby degrading the planet and future as well.

Being a renewable source of energy, the primary concern of your new solar system will be to protect the environment and save mother earth. This investment will surely benefit you as well as the environment. It will help you to reduce the emission of harmful greenhouse gases like carbon which is the main factor contributing to global warming and will also help you save some extra dollars as well. So whenever you feel like installing a 10 kW solar system at your place, you can contact Sunfeeds Solar for it. We will guide you to how and which solar system will best fit your property and make you understand all the benefits of a 10 kW solar system.

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