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Solar Panels in Brisbane

At SUNFEEDS SOLAR, we offer superior quality and highly proficient services in the solar panel and system equipment across Australia. With Solar panels, our industry expert’s deliver continuous services to our esteemed customers, thereby enabling higher performance levels. Further, our teams offer an extensive array of solar panel solutions to work with your decided budget and make sure you get the best solutions over time.

Our solar systems provide a comprehensive balance accompanied by our team’s competence and effectiveness. We always deliver the most excellent solar power solutions to all our clients in both commercial and residential applications.


Enabling Higher Quality Solar Panel System Is A Valuable Investment

Solar energy is more than just panels on your roof. Solar energy is for you, your wallet, and the world. Solar panels are carefully designed to harness the sun’s energy and generate clean energy that loves the environment. Getting started with solar energy is a safe and reliable way. as an investment for you, your bank account and the planet.

Which is why, our mission is to make solar more affordable and to offer premium services so that more Australians can regain control of their energy bills, become greener and use clean energy to create a sustainable future for generations that are about to come.

With electricity prices steadily rising, it is difficult for Australian families and businesses to budget properly, which creates a lot of stress and strain for businesses and families. Your home is different from everyone else and your solar needs are different, so we tailor a package to your needs instead of packing you to set packages.

If you are looking for a quality solar system from a trusted local company with a proven track record, then you have come to the right place. It’s about reducing your electricity bills to the lowest they can be, not increasing our profit margins!

Why do we stand out?

Sunfeeds Solar delivers solar power experts and offers safer superior systems. What does this mean for our customers? Each panel is wired separately so you can see its performance and how the whole system works.

Futuristic Methods

The key to our growth is that we adopt new technologies in the renewable energy industry, resulting in a comprehensive approach to renewable energy. We have such a strong focus on the details of safety, care, and quality that go into a solar installation. There is much that a system designs for our client’s behind-the-scenes homes that not everyone sees. 

 Competitive price 

We are one of the most competitive solar installers providing high-quality service using top leading brand products at the best prices around. We want to save you money while providing you with high-quality Solar Panels and Solar Panel Installation.

Experienced Team

 We have a dedicated team waiting to be of service to you Our efficient warranty process is handled by our dedicated team, and our Responsive Support Team member will keep you informed. We believe that installing solar systems should be an easy process. Our experienced installers know how to get the most out of the sun through low-maintenance solar panels. Our electricians know the ins and outs of solar panel installation. Their experience in the industry will ensure you receive an honest upfront cost, with no costly changes during installation. We offer a no-obligation consultation and quote. We also have the latest information on solar panels to provide our customers with the best price and with the Best Value. 

Stress-Free Process

Sunfeeds solar operates a hassle-free system that enables our customers to understand how solar energy will benefit them financially while going green. Our system is designed to keep our process transparent and to keep each customer well informed at every stage of their solar project. We are here to provide not only the best solar solution but also the best customer experience

You can trust us to recommend the right solution and products that are tailored to your solar needs. Solar storage is now a far more affordable option that will allow you to maximize your savings. 


Our Residential and Commercial Services

Our 6.6 kW to 59 kW solar system in Brisbane offers a complete balance amid our capabilities and economy. We always try to provide the best solar power solution to all customers, be it in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Regional Queensland, Rockhampton.

  • Residential : Quality features, affordable finance, legendary customer service.


  • Commercial : We help businesses lower their bills, increase cash flow and move towards energy independence.

Most Popular Products

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7.9 kW solar system in Brisbane
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10kw solar system
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We have CEC accredited solar panels installers and most skilled staff members to deliver warranted solutions across Australia.



Our teams make sure you are receiving the highest quality assurance solutions with best solar panels, shaped for utmost performance.



As a professionally operated company, we focus on delivering clean, renewable energy at a highly cost-effective price.

Excellent Customer Care

Excellent Customer Care

As a Sunfeeds Solar customer, you can access brilliant support whenever you require, right here on this web portal.

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What our Customers are saying?

I had the most satisfactory experience with Sunfeeds Solar staff, right from the day of contacting them to the final installation. The company made things straightforward for our family, and I recommend them for all types of solar solutions.

- Peter Kurian

Sunfeeds Solar was swift to understand all my problems. They provided the best quote, and the insights we got from their team were much more effective matched to other companies. Sunfeeds Solar fulfilled our expectations in all aspects.

- John Thimot

Sunfeeds Solar is a great team to deal with providing quick services and detailed information offered while working. There are highly talented and conversant on their products, provided at affordable prices, and we felt comfortable dealing with them.

-Brian Stack

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